Intouch Update: From Flexhibit to ActZibit

Now that Intouch is letting you know about the next "exhibit-activity" it's been time to put some serious thought into renaming this thing that is half exhibition, half activity: an exhibition that you can physically play with as a group. We started with the name "Flexhibit", but have discovered that this is in use in the USA. I don't really want to be sued, so this time I've checked, and come up with the name "ActZibit"- the exhibit you can actively play with. It may take me a wee bit of time and advice however to figure out how to change this across this website- but look out for that soon.

Also, Intouch has started a facebook page. It's going to be a bit of a learning curve- but I'm planning to make it entertaining as well as informative.

actzibit logo.jpg

Nga Mihi