Pacific Explorers: Cook, Tasman, Kupe: a collection of exhibit-activities

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Pacific Explorers is an array of interactive exhibits designed to complement and enliven museum exhibitions for the 250th centenary of Captain Cook’s journey of discovery to New Zealand/Aotearoa and the Pacific. These exhibits place the voyage of the Endeavour within the wide ranging context of Kupe and Tasman's voyages, the history and science of European and Polynesian navigation, The Dutch East India Co, Enlightenment Science, and early European -Polynesian relations.

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Pacific Explorers will be delivered as a set of digital files for making the exhibit-activities, either by hand or by commercial production. These provide ideal hands-on learning for school groups and families. Intouch Design is still developing the details, but provisional costs are now defined and if you are interested in any of these exhibits for 2019 we'd love to hear from you.

Pacific Explorers has as a series of components to select from: 

  1. Globe Building Activity: European Navigation and the journeys of Cook and Tasman
  2. Polynesian Navigation: an Interactive about Star-Paths
  3. Master Navigator Boardgames: Players follow the explorers' journeys, negotiating weather, sea, trade and other cultures. The winner makes the greatest gains/least losses in the quickest route to their destination.

For a description of the components and costs please see our Captain Cook page. A 50% discount will be offered to the first museum to trial Pacific Explorers.

To register your interest or for further information please contact