Technical Tips- Wheelchair Access

I visited my local favourite museum with my elderly mother this afternoon. She now requires a wheelchair to get around, and we were both disappointed to find many of the artefacts were placed too high for her to see. So here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your exhibitions: Egress should be 1200mm minimum width. Some wheelchairs can get through a gap of about 800mm, if they are going straight through, but require more space to turn a corner. If you are hoping to get wheelchairs up a level, you either need a lift or a lot of space, as the incline is 1 to 12: That is 12m along for every 1m gain in height. Also, think about the height of labels and artefacts: information on walls between about 900mm and 1200mm high should be readable by both standing and sitting visitors. However the tops of artefacts cannot be seen from a wheelchair if the object is placed on a surface much higher than a dining table. My mother was unable to see the glazes on the insides of the ceramics, which was a pity, as she likes pottery and is quite knowledgeable about it.