Intouch Design July 2017 Update

Intouch Design has conducted a survey on the use of our first Flexhibit ( DIY interactive exhibit), Survivor WW1. Respondents to our survey reported that the content of Survivor WW1 was ideal, it was informative, fun, very engaging, worked best as a guided activity, and is popular with school groups. For the DIY aspect;  smaller museums prefer hand making, while larger museums prefer to use commercial printing and laser cutting. Files for the next Flexhibit will be organised so that clients can easily choose between the two. A summary of the survey can be read here: 

A few respondents were very keen to know what the next Flexhibit is going to be. We have developed 3 concepts for a new Flexhibit about Captain Cook which are outlined in this newsletter. We would very much like to hear your response, so we know which are worth developing further. We do also have an idea for the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, if enough people are interested.

Juliet has also stepped out of her more usual role of exhibition designer and developed a series of artworks about grief, which has turned into a book. The book has been selling well, so the artworks would probably be popular as an exhibition too. To view the images visit: . If you are interested, please contact to discuss how this could work as an exhibition.