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What is ActZibit?

ActZibit is a cost effective and sustainable way of increasing visitor numbers and improving visitor experience. It is especially useful for school groups and museum educators. ActZibit is a themed, educational, activity-exhibit, that anyone can make, anyone can play, and anyone can use as a teaching tool. We send you the content and design as digital files. You make the activity-exhibit. We provide ongoing support, updates, and redesign for the inclusion of new material via the internet. ActZibits encourage repeat visitation: the outcome of the game is different each time. Furthermore it can grow and change, by inviting public participation, and then adding to the exhibition.

What does ActZibit do?:

  • It provides an all-in-one exhibition and education package, on a specific theme,

  • It increases visitor numbers at 25% of the cost of a traditional traveling exhibition

  • It actively engages the visitor

  • It provides lasting learning outcomes through collaborative and cooperative kinesthetic play

  • It enlivens and contextualizes traditional static artefact displays, or it can stand alone.

  • It provides easy-to-build content and instructions to make your own interactive exhibit, panels and furniture, according to your level of skills and resources.

  • It can be easily and inexpensively updated to include new feedback and visual content from visitors, curators, and designers.

  • It can be shown simultaneously in different locations, and updated remotely via the internet, allowing for the exchange of opinions and expertise between distant or disparate communities.

  • It uses or re-uses sustainable materials, eliminates shipping miles, and produces zero waste.:

How it works: The Delivery and Cost

  1. The Exhibition IP (content and construction drawings) for each themed ActZibit, such as Survivor WW1 is licensed to the client for $1490 for a year. There is an $150/yr annual renewal fee thereafter. The client prints and makes their own exhibition from digital files. Drawings are provided for different levels of construction, so that a client can make the exhibition according to their human and financial resources: The most economic construction is made by hand out of inexpensive recycled materials with unskilled labour and a small amount of handy-man level carpentry for less than $500. For $100-$500 more, some files can be sent out for commercial laser cutting and printing. To make the ActZibit out of durable sustainable materials, with skilled labour and commercial production costs approximately $5000.

  2. If you don't have walls to put your display on we can also provide the design for re-usable Flexhibit Panels. Cost approxiamately: $1,600: Construction Drawings and Specifications $200, with $100 discount if purchased in conjunction with a Flexhibit. Cost of materials to make 5 panels $800. Cost of skilled labour approximately $700.

  3. An ActZibit can be developed for a theme of your choice. Development costs are negotiated according to the scope of work, the sale-ability of your theme, and the public good of your message. Development costs are likely to be between $10,000- $20,000.

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